The Finale


At 6am on December 4th, I drove a very close friend of mine to the airport. You might be wondering why I’m mentioning this at all. I’m mentioning it because this was the exact friend that so graciously allowed me to tag along with her halfway across the world for a month when I went to Japan in early December of 2009, four years ago now. It’s amazing how time can fly by. On one hand, it doesn’t seem long ago at all; on the other hand, it seems like forever ago.

While she is a Japanese native and goes on this end-of-the-year trip every year, I was lucky enough to only go once. Simply put, the opportunity has not openly presented itself to me again yet. My education has been first priority, and my work a close second priority–combine these facts with my financial situation, and it’s easier to see why I have not been back.

However, the opportunity will present itself again eventually. I will return to Japan at some point, even if it is for another short time. I have kept in touch with several people in that country and I tell them I will return as soon as it is actually feasible. The friend I have been referring to has openly offered to let me tag along once again. The opportunity is there, I just need it to come when other things line up correctly with it.

And this, my friends, is where we end for now. I have given you many tips, tricks, ideas, and even posts with food-for-thought. If you are a student and can achieve the goal I am still working on–having other areas of your life line up–I have presented helpful ways for you to get yourself to Japan. Even if you are not a student, it is definitely possible; it just might be more expensive.

With my posts in mind, I am setting you forth into the world. If you really have a visit to Japan in your life goals, you can get there. People do it all of the time, and so can you. Take my tips and information and run wild with it!

Perhaps one day in the near future, I will even see you there!

Until then.